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Finding the time and motivation to exercise can be a real struggle for many people. If you happen to be a geek though, there are numerous fun and fandom-themed options to help inspire you to get moving!

Remember, working out doesn’t have to mean running on the treadmill. There are many ways to get exercise and it’s important to find an option that you find enjoyable. Personally,  I dislike running, but I love kickboxing and playing active games. The 6 options below add a geeky twist to getting fit.

1. TV Show Workout Routines

Harry Potter workout outfits

We all have our TV shows and anime series we like to watch…or binge. Next time, instead of getting cozy on the couch, why not try looking up an exercise routine to complete while watching instead?! A quick Google search will likely yield results, or give you ideas on how to create your own. I’ve put together routines for the X-Files, the Big Bang Theory, and even Harry Potter here on the site for you to easily print and use.

2. Choose Active Games

active video games

Let’s be honest, playing video games is fun and can even making working out not so bad! When you’re ready to log some time, try picking out a game that will get you moving. Games like Dance Dance Revolution, Wii Fit, Pokemon Go, and Shape Up all come to mind. While some of these won’t give you a full body workout, any activity can be better than being stagnant on your behind. Be sure to grab a friend and up the competitive level to really heat things up!

3. Under the Desk Bicycle

DeskCycle under the desk bike

If you enjoy playing board games, video games, computer games, or reading then I have a simple solution for you. An under the desk bike. I own the DeskCycle and I love it! It has a sleek profile and is practically soundless. I like to use it under my desk when I’m on my computer, but it totally works in the above mentioned situations too. You get into a rhythm, get immersed in your game or book, and then barely even realize you’re getting some exercise at the same time.

4. Geek Themed Fun Runs

5k mud run

Maybe you’ve heard of the Zombie Mud Run, the Disney Fun Run, or a Star Wars 5k? If not, do a local search in your area. You never know what fandom-themed run might be coming up. If you’re like me, then running may not be your favorite activity…but ask me to dress up in costume and interact with my fellow nerds? Yeah, I could possibly get into that. 😉

5. Try A New Hobby


Have you ever tried geocaching, LARPing, or playing quidditch? Maybe now is the time to give a new geeky hobby a try! All of these activities will get you off your butt and moving around. You’ll never know if you’ll enjoy one of these activities unless you give them a chance first.

6. Geek Inspired Fitness

zombie wasteland

Want to get into running, a gym routine, or find a home workout, but lack motivation? Try checking out Nerd Fitness. Nerd Fitness has added gamification to its workout program. Earn experience points for completing quests, like running a mile. The harder the task, the more points you earn to help boost you towards your next level. You’ll even face ‘boss challenges.’

Another option is to check out the various geek themed fitness apps available for download. These apps typically narrate a story or quests as you run or workout. Zombie, Run! has you out running hordes, collecting resources, rescuing survivors, and completing other missions as you get in a daily run. Other apps to check out include Dungeon Runner: Fitness Quest, BattleSuit Runner Fitness, Superhero Workout, Habitica, and Burn Your Fat With Me (no judgement here).

Remember, working out is only half the battle though. Eating right and making healthy food choices is important too. When making changes to your daily habits, start small, set goals, and build up over time. Please, also be sure to check with your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise programs.

So how do you enjoy being active? Let me know in the comments below.

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