Fandom Themed Valentine’s Day Cards

18 Geeky Calendars for 2018


Female Characters with Short Brown Hair -Cosplay Ideas


Female Characters with Short Black Hair -Cosplay Ideas

Looking for a badass cosplay idea? Check out this list of 24 fictional characters with short black hair (or perhaps really dark brown). They’re bold, fierce, and fun! Plus there are many [...]


The Ultimate Collection of Adult Geeky Coloring Books

Printable Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards

 February’s already here again. That means Valentine’s Day is shortly upon us! People seem to love or hate this holiday. I just think it’s a fun day for eating candy and giving [...]

Nerdy Wrapping Paper

27 Female Characters with Short Blonde Hair -Cosplay Ideas

No Face & Chihiro Spirited Away Costume Tutorials

Looking for a last minute costume idea that’s both budget and time friendly? Today I’m going to show you how to make both a No Face and Chihiro (bathhouse) costume from Hayao [...]

The Ultimate Geek Challenge

If you’re the sort of nerd I am, then you’ve often placed yourself in your favorite fandoms to determine how you’d fit into them. Or, you’ve pitted your fandoms against [...]

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