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18 Geeky Calendars for 2018


Sam & Dean Winchester Everyday Cosplay

Come October, Supernatural’s gearing up for season 12. While that’s still a couple months away, I wanted to put together some Sam & Dean Winchester everyday cosplay outfits. [...]

Supernatural Chevy Impala License Plate Key Holder Craft Tutorial

My loving fiance has a bad habit of leaving his keys all around the house. To help save him some time and key-hunting grief I decided to make him his very own custom Supernatural key holder. I [...]

The Complete Hunter’s Guide to Supernatural’s Monsters | Explore the Lore

Welcome back to Explore the Lore. For those of you who missed last time around, we talked about the Titans & the rise of Azeroth from the World of Warcraft. This week we’re diving into [...]


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Supernatural Turducken Slammer & Stuffing Recipe


12 Budget Friendly Halloween Costumes You Can Find in Your Closet

Low on cash and/or time this Halloween season? Never fear. There are plenty of fun, fandom themed costumes you can build using items you already own in your closet. Dig some key items out of your [...]

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