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55+ Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments, Lights, and Toppers


How To Make A Geeky Christmas Advent Calendar

18 Geeky Calendars for 2018


Sam & Dean Winchester Everyday Cosplay

Come October, Supernatural’s gearing up for season 12. While that’s still a couple months away, I wanted to put together some Sam & Dean Winchester everyday cosplay outfits. [...]

Supernatural Chevy Impala License Plate Key Holder Craft Tutorial

My loving fiance has a bad habit of leaving his keys all around the house. To help save him some time and key-hunting grief I decided to make him his very own custom Supernatural key holder. I [...]

The Complete Hunter’s Guide to Supernatural’s Monsters | Explore the Lore

Welcome back to Explore the Lore. For those of you who missed last time around, we talked about the Titans & the rise of Azeroth from the World of Warcraft. This week we’re diving into [...]


The Ultimate Collection of Adult Geeky Coloring Books

Supernatural Turducken Slammer & Stuffing Recipe

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