Settlers of Catan Wedding Centerpieces

You guessed it! Back with another project from our wedding. This time I’m going to share our Settlers of Catan wedding centerpieces. The 2 of us love playing board games, so we had to [...]


Koopasta Recipe from Paper Mario | Pesto Pasta

I set off to make a Koopasta recipe for you guys this week. While I was successful, I had a heck of time getting there. I was lucky enough to grab the last of the fresh basil from my local [...]


Sam & Dean Winchester Everyday Cosplay

Come October, Supernatural’s gearing up for season 12. While that’s still a couple months away, I wanted to put together some Sam & Dean Winchester everyday cosplay outfits. [...]


Mysterium Board Game Review

Thanks to my friend, David, I finally had the opportunity to get my hands on a copy of Mysterium and play the game. To share my thoughts and experience, I figured I’d write up a Mysterium [...]