18 Geeky Calendars for 2018

Anime Cream Stew Recipe

We all know that ramen is a favorite meal of many anime characters, but have you noticed how many also enjoy cream stew too?! The western-inspired Japanese dish appears in shows such as [...]

No Face & Chihiro Spirited Away Costume Tutorials

Looking for a last minute costume idea that’s both budget and time friendly? Today I’m going to show you how to make both a No Face and Chihiro (bathhouse) costume from Hayao [...]

Geeky Love Quote Collage Tutorial

My fiancé and I are celebrating two years together this week. To commemorate the occasion, I wanted a simple but effective way of reminding him how much I love him. Since we’re both big [...]

Nerdy Scavenger Hunt: Unexpected Birthday Adventure + Surprise Ending

In my Fictional Character Birthdays post from last Sunday, I preluded to an ultimate geek adventure I was sent on for my birthday. In today’s post I’m going to reveal everything that [...]


Nerdy Baby Names: 5 Fandom Friday

Participating in another 5 Fandom Friday this week (put together by my friends at The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick). This week’s prompt is ‘Characters I would name my kids [...]


Nerdy Pumpkin Carving Templates

Halloween is less than one week away! There’s still time to let your nerd flag fly though by carving up some geeky Halloween pumpkins to grace your porch. Today I have six nerdy pumpkin [...]


Everyday Cosplay: Sheeta -Castle in the Sky

As a little girl I remember renting and watching My Neighbor Totoro on a monthly basis. Since that time, I have grown to love the many animated works of Hayao Miyazaki. I am proud to declare that [...]