Important Fictional Ages…that Leave me Disappointed Every Birthday

I’ve seen a meme floating around from weknowmemes.com that lists fictional ages of importance. Sure I never found a wardrobe to Narnia at 8, nor did I receive my Hogwarts letter when I [...]


The Best Online Resources for Cosplay

Just getting into cosplay and feeling overwhelmed? Have you been making costumes for years, but are stumped on a new technique or character prop? Check out the below resources to find all the [...]


Ultimate Apple Pie for an Epic Pi Day π

Traditionally, March 14th is known as Pi day. Since the date, 3/14, co-aligns with the first 3 digits of the numerical value. Pi day for 2015 was particularly special! Utilizing the date and [...]

Nerdy Scavenger Hunt: Unexpected Birthday Adventure + Surprise Ending

In my Fictional Character Birthdays post from last Sunday, I preluded to an ultimate geek adventure I was sent on for my birthday. In today’s post I’m going to reveal everything that [...]


Fictional Character Birthdays (+ Mine!)

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday (one day early) in the most epically nerdy fashion possible thanks to my awesome boyfriend! (More to come on that -an entire special post in fact, so stay tuned [...]