Nerdy Baby Names: 5 Fandom Friday

Participating in another 5 Fandom Friday this week (put together by my friends at The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick). This week’s prompt is ‘Characters I would name my kids [...]


Comic & Reading Book Collage Silhouettes: Nerdy Craft Tutorial

Want to create some fun but classy decor pieces for your home that show off your love for your favorite fandom or geek character? This easy, DIY tutorial will show you how. Read on to find out [...]

Ultimate Geek Guide to Nerdy Wedding Rings

Today’s post is branching out to a topic that’s slightly offbeat for The Nifty Nerd; solely for the reason that I thought it’d be a fun one…and it was indeed a fun one to [...]


Everyday Cosplay: Zoe & Wash -Firefly

With Valentine’s Day being this week, I decided to create a couple’s edition for this week’s everyday cosplay outfit. I settled upon Zoe and Hoban Washburne from Firefly (/ [...]


Dragonlance: Otik’s Spiced Potatoes

Dragonlance is an extensive world that ties into gaming (D&D), film, and more. If any of you have read the Dragonlance novels, then I’m sure you’re familiar with the famous spiced [...]


Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards: DIY Printables

Only 1.5 weeks left until Valentine’s Day. Today I’ve got some fun fandom valentines to wrap up my three part series! Forget the store bought boxed valentines and hand out these ones [...]