Sew Your Own Geeky Christmas Stocking


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Star Wars Comic Book Shoes Craft Project

Make Your Own Geeky Wrapping Paper

 Sometimes a gift needs a little touch of handcrafted care or geeky flare. Add that final detail through your wrap job by creating a custom wrapping paper that perfectly matches the nerdy [...]


DIY Nerdy Safety Pin Fashion Pins

I was cleaning out my closet this past week when I stumbled across my collection of seed beads. They brought back memories of making 12 safety pin pins for my Mom’s bunko group when I was [...]


DIY Mario & Legend of Zelda Snowflake Printable Patterns

Cutting out nerdy snowflakes can be a fun winter project, plus they make awesome geek decorations during the colder months! I’ve seen a number of patterns for Star Wars and Dr. Who [...]


Nerdy Christmas Ornaments: 6 Different DIY Methods


Geek Themed Window Art Decals: LotR, Halo, Avengers

We have 3 large bay windows in the living room of our apartment. Being such large blank canvases, they were begging for a nerdy touch! I decided to oblige by creating my own window decal clings; [...]


Nerdy Faux Stained Glass: Mario & Yoda

I live in an apartment that is part of what use to be an old mansion. As a result, my apartment is filled with charming detail, including a column fireplace and original stained glass windows. It [...]


Nerdy Pop-up Cards: Mario, Pac-Man, & Star Wars

Ever have difficulties finding that perfect card for your nerd friend or geek relative? Well, never again! Today I will show you how to make your own nerdy card perfect for any occasion. Each [...]