Lord of the Rings Wine Glass Charms

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Ready for today’s simple but fun geek craft? Pick your favorite fandom(s) to be the theme of your homemade nerdy wine glass charms and feel free to pour yourself a glass to sip while you craft.


diy geeky wine glass charm supplies
wire wine charm loop and earring hoop


1. If you purchased a charm bracelet, start by carefully removing the charms with your pliers. Each charm should be attached to the bracelet by a jump loop. Gently pull that loop partially open and remove the charm from the bracelet. Then re-close the jump loop.

2. If your beads have very small holes like mine did, you’ll need bend the wire loop locking latch so that it’s straighter so that the beads can maneuver around the corner.

3. String your beads and charm onto the wire hoop. It may help if you lay out your pattern completely before starting to string.

making a Hobbit door wine glass charm
Lord of the Rings wine charms

4. Once all the beads are in place, re-bend the hoop latch so it’s back at a 90 degree angle to keep the beads in place.

5. I’d recommend making a set of anywhere from 4-8 depending on the number of wine glasses you own, plus how many friends or family members you generally enjoy wine with.

Lothlorien leaf and the One Ring wine glass charms
Lord of the Rings Galadriel wine with wine glass charms

Let your guests pick out their favorite wine glass charm and enjoy a glass of wine together. I just happened to have some Lord of the Rings wine on hand to enjoy today; a Galadriel Bordeaux Blanc to be specific!

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  • Mariah Kaercher

    These are gorgeous! I’m tempted to make these for my mom for Mother’s Day

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      When I showed my mom these she said I needed to make her a set! Haha. Do it! You can pick any theme and they are so easy to make.

  • Pepi

    Aweee πŸ™‚ I love these! I need to try (and not destroy them while I’m at it) πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Thank you for the idea <3

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      You’re welcome. Have fun crafting.

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