A Few of My Favorites In Honor of The Nifty Nerd Turning 3!


The Nifty Nerd Turns 2: A Year in Review

Another year has zipped by and I’m already celebrating the 2nd anniversary of The Nifty Nerd! Next week on the 4th officially marks 2 years. It’s been a great 12 months and I’m [...]

Lego Man Birthday Cake

We had another birthday in the house this weekend, that meant I was on cake duty. With our youngest turning 6 I felt like a Lego Man cake was the perfect theme this year. Read on to find out how [...]

Nerdy Scavenger Hunt: Unexpected Birthday Adventure + Surprise Ending

In my Fictional Character Birthdays post from last Sunday, I preluded to an ultimate geek adventure I was sent on for my birthday. In today’s post I’m going to reveal everything that [...]


Fictional Character Birthdays (+ Mine!)

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday (one day early) in the most epically nerdy fashion possible thanks to my awesome boyfriend! (More to come on that -an entire special post in fact, so stay tuned [...]


Magic the Gathering Chocolate Cake

This past weekend was my boyfriend’s birthday, so of course he needed a nerdy cake to celebrate it with! At his request I baked up a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, but then [...]


Super Mario Mushroom Cupcakes

To kick off the recipe portion of my site, I thought I’d keep the cooking level low for those of you who are less culinary inclined, or for those who need a quick treat! Presenting Super [...]