Cratejoy’s Fandom Celebration: Part 2 -Nerdy Post


Cratejoy’s Fandom Celebration: Part 1 -Accio!


Harry Potter Home Decor -Living in a Wizarding World

Happy Potter month! With Harry’s birthday fast approaching, what better way to celebrate than with all the Harry Potter things?! I’ve gathered up the best Harry Potter home decor by [...]

DIY Geeky Clocks: Settlers of Catan & Magic the Gathering

Today’s DIY nerdy craft tutorial will cover how to make your own geeky wall clock. My two clock examples are Settlers of Catan and Magic the Gathering themed, but this easy project can be [...]

Geeky Love Quote Collage Tutorial

My fiancé and I are celebrating two years together this week. To commemorate the occasion, I wanted a simple but effective way of reminding him how much I love him. Since we’re both big [...]


Comic & Reading Book Collage Silhouettes: Nerdy Craft Tutorial

Want to create some fun but classy decor pieces for your home that show off your love for your favorite fandom or geek character? This easy, DIY tutorial will show you how. Read on to find out [...]


Geek Themed Window Art Decals: LotR, Halo, Avengers

We have 3 large bay windows in the living room of our apartment. Being such large blank canvases, they were begging for a nerdy touch! I decided to oblige by creating my own window decal clings; [...]


NES Video Game Cartridge Display

Almost every nerd I know has a fond memory of playing some cartridge game on their NES, N64, or other console when they were young (and blowing said cartridge out); myself included. Well, today [...]