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Almost every nerd I know has a fond memory of playing some cartridge game on their NES, N64, or other console when they were young (and blowing said cartridge out); myself included. Well, today we’re going to turn that cartridge into artwork! So scour your room or those boxes in your closet for a game you no longer play (as often as you’d like) or that may be broken. If you have none lying around, pawn shops and Ebay are great places to pick them up for a deal (just be sure they look nice).
Shadbox display for NES Zelda video game cartridgeIn addition to your game of choice you’ll also need:

  • A frame or shadow box (use a frame without glass for easy access, or a shadow box to keep the dust out). Choosing a simpler frame will place more focus on your chosen game cartridge.
  • Decorative paper or fabric to serve as a background. Again, nothing too dramatic or distracting, but no need to be shy about using colors or patterns to compliment the cartridge and/or the theme of your current room decor.
  • Adhesive. I would recommend 3M Command Strips. These strips will give you a strong hold, but will also allow the cartridge to be removed without damage should you wish to play it again.
empty black picture frame and shadow boxcolorful patterned paper
Once your materials are chosen, the rest is a piece of cake!
First, cut your fabric or paper to the size of your chose frame or box. In my case, I went with an 8×10 shadow box and green paper with a subtle pattern.Next, glue your paper or fabric down. I’d recommend 3M Super 77 for fabric and double sided tape or Mod Podge for paper.

Third, center your cartridge and adhere it to your frame.

Finally, hang your piece on the wall or place it on the mantel and enjoy!I created this project using items I had around my house, but if you are starting from scratch, you can easily recreate this piece for less than $15-$20!

Legend of Zelda video game cartridge artwork




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