Geeky Throw Pillow Slip-On Case Tutorial


The Geeky Alphabet


Homemade Mouse Pad Craft

Legend of Zelda Link Apron Tutorial

Nintendo 64 Video Game Card Box

It’s official! The Nifty Nerd is now Mrs. Nifty Nerd! I finally got married last weekend and it was fabulous. Our overall theme was “geek chic.” We wanted the wedding to feel [...]

Star Wars Comic Book Shoes Craft Project

Supernatural Chevy Impala License Plate Key Holder Craft Tutorial

My loving fiance has a bad habit of leaving his keys all around the house. To help save him some time and key-hunting grief I decided to make him his very own custom Supernatural key holder. I [...]


DIY Geeky Tote Bag -Lord of the Rings Theme

I started a new job last month. Since that time I’ve been carrying my lunch (and random objects) to work in recycled bags from the grocery store. While this method was working fine, I [...]


DIY Mario & Legend of Zelda Snowflake Printable Patterns

Cutting out nerdy snowflakes can be a fun winter project, plus they make awesome geek decorations during the colder months! I’ve seen a number of patterns for Star Wars and Dr. Who [...]


Nerdy Faux Stained Glass: Mario & Yoda

I live in an apartment that is part of what use to be an old mansion. As a result, my apartment is filled with charming detail, including a column fireplace and original stained glass windows. It [...]

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