55+ Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments, Lights, and Toppers


How To Make A Geeky Christmas Advent Calendar

18 Geeky Calendars for 2018

Printable Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards

¬†February’s already here again. That means Valentine’s Day is shortly upon us! People seem to love or hate this holiday. I just think it’s a fun day for eating candy and giving [...]

Nerdy Wrapping Paper

12 Ways to Create the Ultimate Geek Desk Workspace


Lake Superior Agate: Treasure Hunting Along the Northern Shore

Today I will be writing about a slightly different topic… one that is still quite nerdy, but one that is also near and dear to my heart- agates; Lake Superior’s treasure! My [...]

Ultimate Geek Guide to Nerdy Wedding Rings

Today’s post is branching out to a topic that’s slightly offbeat for The Nifty Nerd; solely for the reason that I thought it’d be a fun one…and it was indeed a fun one to [...]


Nerdy Christmas Ornaments: 6 Different DIY Methods


10 Best Nerdy Places to Visit (Part II: Science & History)

A week and half ago I introduced you to many of the best generally nerdy locations you need to visit in my Nerdy Places to Visit (Part I: General Geek) post. Today I’m going to take you on [...]

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