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It all started with a gift in the mail from my fiance; the Executive Knight Pen Holder. This guy was a whimsical yet functional addition to my work desk. Since then, I’ve grown my geeky desk collection through other gifts and have considered other fun ways a person could make their work space more nerdy. Below I’ve rounded up a list of 12 ways to 1UP your desk space. Keep reading to find out more.

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1. Pen Holder
As mentioned already, how about the Knight Pen Holder? I think this item would be cooler if it were actually made from a material like pewter, but that being said, he’s still pretty awesome and I’m glad he’s gracing my desk. He’s actually got some decent weight to him and would make a good paper weight as well. Plus I just found out that he comes in 3 different color options!

2. Geek Mug
This one’s an easy no brainer. Whether your in camp coffee or camp tea, a mug is a functional way to show off your favorite love(s) at your desktop. There are so many fun options out there too! Here are just a few unique ones I found.

3. Chair Cape
Feeling super bold? How about setting up your chair with its own superhero cape? Whether you love Marvel or DC, there’s a whole list of options to choose from!

4. Desk Accessories
I call these guys desk accessories because they may or may not be as functional given the age of digital…First up, whether you’re a fan of the moon, Earth, Titan, Mars, Jupiter or the whole solar system, these solar powered spinning globes are a gorgeous desk accessory. Perhaps once a great paperweight, these guys are still a great way to display your love for space in geek chic way!

There are also replica sword letter openers. I have Sting proudly sitting on my desk shelf in its case. Sadly I don’t receive much paper mail anymore but I still love it! There are plenty of sword options from Legend of Zelda and Harry Potter, to Game of Thrones.

5. USB Drive
Who doesn’t need to transport and store files on a drive from time to time? Check out these geeky options…I’m in love with the Portals turret one!

6. Nerdy Pens
Montegrappa has a beautiful line of fancy superhero and super-villain pens. They come in ballpoint, roller-ball, and fountain varieties. If you need something to fiddle with during your next meeting, be sure to check out the Lego Star Wars pens!

7. Bookends
Keep your books, files, and manuals in order with a pair of stylish bookends. Of course you need a pair of dragons to go with your knight pen holder!

8. Fandom-themed Calendar
Whether you have a wall calendar or a daily desk calendar, show off your geek love while keeping track of the days of the week. I have the Howl’s Moving Castle perpetual calendar on my desk. I look forward to changing the date every day, plus it’s a great conversation starter.

I’ve got a whole list of great fandom-themed calendars for you to check out!

9. Magnets
Magnets are a fun way to display your favorite interests. Bonus -choose magnets that you can rearrange and play with whenever you need a short break from work…just don’t get too caught up in play time. I have an overhead desk cubby with a metal slide door that currently houses a home-brewed Super Mario level on it. The individual Mario magnets are small, and definitely won’t hold anything up, but that’s totally not the reason I have them.


10. Artwork
Show off your creative side by displaying some of your own personal geek works of art. Not only do I carry my lunch to work everyday in my Lord of the Rings tote bag, but I also use it as a piece of “art” at my desk area. Have a window in your office? Create your own faux stained glass masterpiece.

11. Notebook
Everyone needs a spot to jot down meeting notes, project ideas, and lunch-time doodles.

12. Desk Buddy
Need a tiny friend to keep you company? How about a computer sitter of your favorite character or an action figure from your favorite fandom? I’ve got Yoda sharing his wisdom and keeping me company in my cubicle.

Remember to keep your work space and company culture in mind when decorating. Make the space yours if company policy allows it, but don’t go too overboard with your work space area (unless of course it’s a private workspace within your own home. Lucky you!). Keep things professional, uncluttered, and functional. Try to find the perfect balance of 2-4 items (depending upon your space’s size) and have fun picking things out!

How do you make your work desk geeky? Anything on your wishlist of items to grab for your nerd space? Share below in the comments!

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  • Alexia Bullard

    Great job, Fiance!
    Those are all such excellent items/purchases!! I love ThinkGeek so much, and have spent FAR too much money on that site over the years.
    xo, Alexia

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      He did indeed Alexia 🙂
      Yes, ThinkGeek is hard on my bank account too. Haha

  • Ashlee

    This stuff is amazing! I especially love the Totoro calendar and Portal 2 USB. Might have to buy those soon, not sure if I can live without them now that I know they exist<3

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      I completely agree. I’m pretty sure the Totoro calendar is next on my wishlist!

  • Rosa

    These tips are great! I love that dice-mug. And how awesome/silly is that chair cape? Want!

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      Thank you Rosa. Yes, I like how the mug even has a little lid. I bet it’d help keep your drink warmer for longer too!

  • Charlie

    Oh these are great! Makes me wish I had a desk….. I want that chair cape!

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      Haha -place of “honor” at the kitchen table until you get a desk with a chair?! 😉

  • pepi

    OMG! Now I need a chair cape!

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      Isn’t it fun?! Sadly, I don’t think it’d be quite appropriate for my place of work…but perhaps for a chair at home!

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