The Ultimate Collection of Adult Geeky Coloring Books


Deadpool Chimichanga Recipe

If there’s one thing people seem to associate Deadpool with, it’s chimichangas. Fun fact though –Deadpool doesn’t actually care for chimichangas that much, he just really [...]

Nerdy Wrapping Paper

27 Female Characters with Short Blonde Hair -Cosplay Ideas


Important Fictional Ages…that Leave me Disappointed Every Birthday

I’ve seen a meme floating around from weknowmemes.com that lists fictional ages of importance. Sure I never found a wardrobe to Narnia at 8, nor did I receive my Hogwarts letter when I [...]


10 Awesome Coffee Table Books for Nerds

As a geek or nerd you most likely enjoy reading, cause let’s be honest, reading is awesome! If there’s one thing that every nerd living room needs, then that’s a nerdy coffee [...]