Legend of Zelda Link Apron Tutorial


Dragonriders of Pern Meatrolls Recipe

Any Dragonriders of Pern fans in the house? If there are, then I’m sure your well acquainted with the meatrolls that show up throughout the story. Menolly had detoured the Lower Caverns and [...]

Supernatural Turducken Slammer & Stuffing Recipe

Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice Recipe


Pokemon Onigiri (aka Japanese Rice Ball) Recipe

Remember all the “jelly donuts” Ash and his friends and Team Rocket ate in Pokemon? They looked pretty weird for donuts, didn’t they? Turns out, they changed the script to make [...]


Jurassic Park Chilean Sea Bass Recipe

  HAMMOND (cont’d) Dr. Grant – – as I was saying, we’ve laid out lunch for you before you head out into the park.  Alejandro, our gourmet chef – – GRANT [...]


32 Unique Nerdy Date Ideas

Looking for nerdy date ideas? I’ve got you covered with 32 unique options below! I enjoy traditional dates, like going out for pizza or playing mini golf, but sometimes my husband and I [...]


Nerd Themed Sugar Cookies

This weekend’s project with the boyfriend this time around involved some holiday baking. We started out making Christmas cookies with a recipe that’s been passed down since my Great [...]


Super Mario Castle Gingerbread House Tutorial

Over the past couple days, my boyfriend and I spent our time creating a next level gingerbread house….a Super Mario castle gingerbread house to be exact! I’m sure most of you have [...]


Harry Potter Pumpkin Pasties

With Halloween just having passed, and Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to bake up some pumpkin treats! Today I will be sharing with you guys how to create Harry [...]

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