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The Nifty Nerd Turns 1: A Year in Review

Today marks the official 1 year anniversary of my blog -Happy 1st birthday Nifty Nerd! This past year has zipped by and I can’t believe my site is already a year old. I’ve learned [...]

Lego Man Birthday Cake

We had another birthday in the house this weekend, that meant I was on cake duty. With our youngest turning 6 I felt like a Lego Man cake was the perfect theme this year. Read on to find out how [...]

Ultimate Geek Guide to Nerdy Wedding Rings

Today’s post is branching out to a topic that’s slightly offbeat for The Nifty Nerd; solely for the reason that I thought it’d be a fun one…and it was indeed a fun one to [...]


25 Great Nerdy Date Ideas

Time for part 2 in my Valentine’s Day themed series: Nerdy Date Ideas. Do you want to spend time with that special geeky love in your life, but are drawing a blank on the perfect date idea? [...]


The 12 Nerdy Days of Christmas

One of your favorite Christmas carol songs rewritten nerd style! Sing along to the tune of your favorite fandoms. On the first day of Christmas…♪ ♫ For the final, twelfth day, start the [...]


Nerdy Christmas Ornaments: 6 Different DIY Methods


Nerdy Pumpkin Carving Templates

Halloween is less than one week away! There’s still time to let your nerd flag fly though by carving up some geeky Halloween pumpkins to grace your porch. Today I have six nerdy pumpkin [...]


Nerdy Places to Visit (Part I: General Geek)

I’m sure you frequent all the local nerdy spots in your town often, but what about all the adventuring potential elsewhere?! Pack your bags and fill up your gas tank or purchase that plane [...]


10 Awesome Coffee Table Books for Nerds

As a geek or nerd you most likely enjoy reading, cause let’s be honest, reading is awesome! If there’s one thing that every nerd living room needs, then that’s a nerdy coffee [...]