Nerdy Places to Visit (Part I: General Geek)

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I’m sure you frequent all the local nerdy spots in your town often, but what about all the adventuring potential elsewhere?! Pack your bags and fill up your gas tank or purchase that plane ticket, because today I’m taking you on a nerdy road trip perfect for you next geeky vacation. Below are some of the top nerdy places to visit across the country (and the world) in Part I of ‘Nerdy Locations.’


Who fondly remembers playing the Oregon Trail when they were younger? ….your oxen breaking their legs, your brother dying of typhoid, thieves robbing you blind, the land being unfit for anything living…wait…what was fun about that game again? Well now you can actually participate in the Oregon Trail yourself! Oregon Trail Live is annual event that allows participants to “recreate and live” the Oregon Trail through a fun filled, team competition day. This year’s competition was held in Salem, OR. Click the link to learn more about it.

Oregon Trail
photo credit: Super Adventures in Gaming

Some believe there is life on other planets. Are you among them, or at least just a little bit curious? Check out the Roswell UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico.

Roswell UFO Museum
photo credit: mr_t_77

Funspot -The world’s largest arcade…seriously, what more needs to be said? Check out their website for a listing of all their fun attractions and visit them in Laconia, NH.

Funspot arcade
photo credit: Sam Howzit

Those of you into tabletop gaming may be interested in visiting the meca home of the hobby; Warhammer World in Nottingham, UK. Boasting not only a retail store, but a massive events hall and pub too, this center is a miniatures fan’s delight!

Warhammer World
photo credit: cwjoneill

Any Harry Potter fans in the house? Well now you can attend the Quidditch World Cup. Over 300 teams worldwide compete in this co-ed contact sport to claim one of the nerdiest sporting titles out there! The winner of the 7th annual International Quidditch Association World Cup was crowned this past spring in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Check them out to see upcoming games.

playing Quidditch
photo credit: John-Morgan

The Kyoto International Manga Museum is the perfect destination for all manga enthusiasts! The museum charts the rise of this popular culture within Japan and holds approximately 300,000 items of manga. Visitors can also delight in the free to browse ‘Wall Of Manga’ which holds 50,000 publications.

Kyoto International Manga Museum
photo credit: Peat Bakke

Nerdy Theme Parks: Enjoy thrilling rides, entering magical words, and seeing your heroes come to life in the flesh? Then a nerdy theme park is right up your alley! Don your wizarding robes and explore Diagon Alley in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter or stumble across a favorite Marvel superhero at Universal’s Island of Adventures located in Orland, Florida. If DC comics are more your thing, perhaps you should check out Movie World instead.

Universal Studios
photo credit: Chad Sparkes

Anyone into cosplay should look into visiting the Harajuku District- Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan. In Akhibara, aka the Electric City, otaku (geek) culture is king; it’s all about cosplay, anime, and gadgets. Just west of the city center is Harajuku where cosplayers line the streets on Sundays.

Harajuku district
photo credit: Stéfan

Most people have heard about Legoland in California, but to get the true authentic experience, you need to travel to the home country of Lego, Denmark.Legoland Billund truly is an adventure that’s not just for kids!

Legoland Billund
photo credit: greger.ravik

Nerdy Cafes and Geeky Taverns: Located throughout the country, these establishments serve up food, drinks, and places to play table-top and board games; some even include classic arcade games. They serve as watering holes for the local nerds as they encourage geeky activities and comradery… makes me really wish I had something like this near me.

Cafe Mox in Seattle, WA
AFK Tavern in Everett, Wa
GT South Geek & Gaming Tavern in Montgomery, AL
Blipsy Barcade in Los Angeles, CA
Storm Crow Tavern in Vancouver, BC
42 Lounge in Milwaukee, WI
Green’s Tavern in Knoxville, TN
Neil’s Bahr in Houstin, TX

Cafe Mox
photo credit: seattlegeekly

For my Larpers in the room, it’s time to pack your bags for Germany to compete in the conquest of Mythodea. Live Adventure is held “Every summer, [during which] the Brokeloh Manor near Hannover is transformed into the magical world of Mythodea for the pleasure of 7,000 live action role-players. The five-day event has over 1,000 fully trained extras, 120 tons of props and over 60 hectares of fields and forests to fight in. All you’ll need is a tent, a fantasy costume and your imagination.” (

photo credit: Kamerakata

Nerd Conventions: I don’t think I even need to describe this one to you guys…large gatherings of nerds doing lots of awesome geeky things throughout the course of a weekend…focuses include tabletop and board games, anime, video games, comics, and much more! Most people have heard of the major conventions, such as San Diego Comic Con, but also be aware that many and more (smaller) conventions are held all over the country and elsewhere. Check these websites out to find convention locations and times where ever you are, or would like to be! Upcoming Cons  & Convention Scene

comic con superheros
photo credit:
Comic book heaven: “New York City is filled with geeky tourist spots. Midtown Comics in Time Square is one of the largest comic book stores in the world and the Flat Iron Building was used for exterior shots of the Daily Bugle in Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man trilogy. Take a ride across the bridge to Jersey and visit Kevin Smith’s comic book store Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash; the Secret Stash is where the highly entertaining AMC reality show Comic Book Men is filmed.” (

Midtown Comics
photo credit: dren88

There you have it -Part I of the top geek locations to visit! Stay tuned for Parts II (science & history) & III (movie film sets) of nerdy locations to visit, which will focus more on science, history, and movie film locations.

Anyone had the awesome fortune of visiting any of the above spots? What’s the best convention you have been to? What’s the dream convention you hope to one day attend?





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