Geek Themed Window Art Decals: LotR, Halo, Avengers

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We have 3 large bay windows in the living room of our apartment. Being such large blank canvases, they were begging for a nerdy touch! I decided to oblige by creating my own window decal clings; which are reminiscent of a Halloween project I use to do when I was young. Continue on below to see just how easy and inexpensive this project is!

tracing an image on to contact paper

-Scissors or X-acto blade
-Lead pencil, metallic marker, or other tracing tool that’ll show on a black surface
-Black (or colored) contact paper (recommend for simplicity)
-Clear contact paper
-Paint, permanent markers, or paint pens.
(*pick up contact paper from your local dollar store to make this project super inexpensive!)

Halo black contact paper window stickers

Halo: Elite & Master Chief

1. Draw or trace an image onto your contact paper and cut it out. (this may take some patience if you picked a detailed image)
2. If using clear contact paper, paint/color it appropriately.
3. Hang on the window -it’s that simple!Lord of the Rings window clingFellowship of the Ring

I ran out of black contact paper for the Fellowship of the Ring cling, so created that one for illustrative purposes. As you can see, one layer of marker isn’t dark enough; if I had planned on making it a more permanent decoration, I would have definitely added more layers of color to eliminate the marker lines. I also cut flush around half of the decal and left a small border of plain contact paper on the other half for you guys to see the difference in that manner too.

Avengers window art

Avengers Assemble

I chose to make silhouettes for a subtle look, but feel free to make an entire colored scene if you wish. What’s great about the contact paper is that it won’t peel/fall off the window like normal store bought window clings, plus it won’t leave a residue when you decide to remove it. Further, the contact paper route is much cheaper than the vinyl option and looks just as cool! Make your images as small or large as you choose. Store them on wax paper between uses (switching up the decor for a holiday?) and reuse more than once.







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  • Maridan Valor

    I like the avengers assemble ones. What a great idea, I kind of want a bunch of fish or maybe some Mario/Nintendo characters. Might have to try this when I get some paper.

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      A Mario scene would be perfect and a lot of fun to make! Given the simpler shapes, I think it’d be quite easy to cut them all out too. Send me a photo when you finish, I’d love to see your creation 🙂

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