Cratejoy’s Fandom Celebration: Part 1 -Accio!

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Happy summer everyone! I’m partnering up with Cratejoy over the next month to help them celebrate fandoms! Let me tell you, if you haven’t heard of Cratejoy yet, then you’re missing out. These guys are the kings and queens of monthly subscription boxes.

They have box themes for every nerd and geek under the sun …whether you love comics, Kawaii, Harry Potter, board games, reading, video games, robotics/coding, cosplay, Supernatural, anime, sci-fi, or anything in between. Honestly though, take a peek at the many geeky subscriptions boxes they offer -I guarantee you’ll find more than one you need.

I’ll be doing a 4-part mini series to bring you 4 of their fabulous options. Up first is the Harry Potter box, Accio! -In honor of Harry’s birthday coming up at the end of July of course!

Accio! Monthly Subscription Box

Cratejoy describes this box as:

“Accio! is the first and only artisanal subscription box 100% inspired by the Potterverse. Each Accio! Box is specially curated for adult fans by our team of certified Potterhead nerds. That means that we take great care in choosing only beautiful, high quality indie and handmade items that we would want to receive ourselves.
  • Accio! exclusives
  • House-specific items
  • High quality pieces made by independent artisans
  • Curated especially for adult fans
  • Inclusive sizing up to 3XL”

Other reviews have rated the box an overall 4.8/5. Accio! costs $39.99 a month and you select both your t-shirt size and Hogwarts house when ordering (shout out to my fellow Ravenclaws)

Box Contents

Accio! Monthly Subscription Box
Accio! Harry Potter box

Upon arrival, my package was neatly and securely boxed up; decorated in my Hogwarts house colors.

Within the box I found 5 items and a mini copy of the Daily Prophet to tell me about the items within my box. I’m not sure if every month ends up having a theme to the contents of the box, but this month the contents were bathroom related. The total value of the items was over $50.

1. I’m going to start off with my favorite item in this month’s box; a ceramic Scourgify! soap dish. This dish is well made, is the perfect size for a block of soap, and is super geeky without being in your face. I love functional items and this guy fits the bill perfectly.

Harry Potter scourgify soap dish
bottom of ceramic soap dish

2. I also received a handmade bar of soap, specially scented for house Ravenclaw. Handmade soap is often a tricky one for me. I normally won’t use them because of my sensitive skin. I often have troubles with my allergies to perfume scents too.

When the scent of a homemade bar of soap doesn’t flare my allergies, I love to stick the bars in drawers and closets to make them smell good. I’m happy to report that this bar from Soap Pretty smells great and doesn’t trigger my allergies.


3. I chuckled when I saw this print. Oh, Mr. Weasley and his love and fascination for muggle objects. This makes a super cute decor item for the bathroom wall. I’ll be sure to buy a moisture resistance frame to stick it in.

What exactly is the function of a rubber duck art print

4. This month’s box also included a Ministry of Magic toilet decal. This guy is strong enough to withstand the wet environment of the bathroom, but easily removable should you wish to get rid of it.


5. The last item was a wizard bath bomb. I don’t take many baths, but this guy may just give me reason to relax in the tub with a good book!

Ministry of Magic decal and wizard bath bomb

What I love most about this box is that items are curated for adults. While I enjoy notebook stickers, keychains, and slap bracelets, one can use only so many. I enjoy that the items in my box are functional and fit for a more mature decor look!

I also like that the items are curated from indie and homemade sellers. What a great way to support Harry Potter loving artists!


Which item from Accio! box would you most like to get your hands on?
Which Hogwarts house do you identify with?
Let’s chat in the comments below!

Be sure to stayed tuned as the next articles come out in this series and please do go browse around Cratejoy’s site; there are so many fun fandom boxes!


Disclosure: This post contains items received in exchange for a review. All opinions are based in honesty on my personal experience.

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    Those are such cute items!

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      Completely agree! 😉

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    Awww this looks so good! 😀

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    I like that these are items for adults too. I’m wary of unofficial march but here items were great!

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      Yes, that’s always something to be cautious of, but no issues here!

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