Cratejoy’s Fandom Celebration: Part 4 -Escape the Crate

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I’m wrapping up my celebration of all things fandom with Cratejoy this summer with the final installment of the series, part 4. In part 1 we checked out Harry Potty goodies in the Accio box. In part 2 we traveled through the looking glass with Alice in Wonderland from Nerd Post. In part 3 we got excited over board games with UnboxBoardom. Today we’re celebrating ‘escape room’ challenges with Escape the Crate.

Get your thinking caps on!

Escape the Crate Monthly Subscription Box

Cratejoy describes this box as:

Love escape rooms? We ship escape room adventures straight to your door. Work with your family and friends to crack codes, solve riddles, and discover hidden items…all in a beautifully crafted storyline. Everything you need to play is in the box. We are a bi-monthly subscription, so we ship out adventures every OTHER month.

  • Solve Mysteries
  • Escape the Room
  • Hour long game for family game night
  • Complete puzzles
  • New adventures delivered every other month

Other reviews have rated the box an overall 5/5. Escape the Crate costs $29.99 bi-monthly.

Box Contents

Escape the Crate monthly subscription

First off, you won’t be seeing too many photos of the contents of this box. It is, after all, a giant puzzle and I did not want to spoil or give away any bits and pieces. (*nice try though 😉 )

I really appreciated the way this subscription box was put together. Having never received one before, I had no notion how it was supposed to play out. The contents were packaged very neatly and with clear instructions right on top to guide gameplay. All game pieces and envelopes were clearly marked as far as when they should be opened (aka “unlocked”) and an itemized list of the playing pieces within.

unboxing Escape the Crate

The premise for this month’s Escape the Crate was: We were members of EMIT and needed to travel back in time to the Roman Colosseum to solve a mystery and save the fabric of time.

I played the escape experience with my husband and brother, who joined the game play from Colorado over Skype.

To start our experience, we navigated to the escape’s website and entered our code word. The next page gave an overview of the story, some base instructions, allowed us to choose our difficulty level (shorter timer = harder, while a longer game timer = easier), and then had us solve a quick riddle to get us off on our adventure.

Escape the Crate Collosuem contents

As we traveled through the story, we solved riddles, unlocked puzzles, and discovered challenges to overcome. The game was very easy to walk through using the online portal. Each ‘step’ was unlocked by a certain type of answer code which you needed to determine before advancing. Advancing meant unlocking the next bit of storyline as well as opening an envelope containing more game pieces and clues used for solving the remaining objectives.

Never fear though. Each step had multiple hints available, if you needed them, for assistance. While we didn’t need it, each step also had the code solution available (hidden on the page) in case you really got stuck.

Escape the Crate Collosuem puzzle

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the Escape the Crate subscription box! I’m a huge fan of escape room experiences and this tiny little box packed a fun game. My husband and brother also gave the experience 2-thumbs up. They both enjoyed solving the mystery (even my brother who was only Skyping with us). We all thought the length and difficulty level of the puzzles was perfect too. It was challenging without being frustrating.

I think this crate would be best played with 2-3 players; enough brain power to bounce ideas without too many people to crowd around the game pieces and ensure everyone has a chance to actively participate. Given that, I think the crate is a good deal. Near me, the cheapest actual escape room experience is $25/person. That definitely begins to add up, making the flat $29.99 cost of this crate worth it. I would definitely get this crate again. And while each box is a stand alone puzzle, there’s a larger story that carries throughout all the crates and you can unlock bonus puzzles after your mission if you have the clues from the previous month’s box.

Are you up to the challenge of Escape the Crate?
Have you ever done an escape room before?
Let’s chat in the comments below!

Don’t forget to go browse around Cratejoy’s site; there are so many fun fandom boxes!


Disclosure: This post contains items received in exchange for a review. All opinions are based in honesty on my personal experience.

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  • Julie

    intriguing you know if can order one bi monthly subscription or is it a yearly commitment?

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      Great question Julie! You can purchase the box in 1 of 2 ways.
      1. Normal purchase -this is the subscription service that will automatically bill and send you new boxes every 2 months until you cancel the service.
      2. Gift purchase -if you mark the order as a gift purchase, the company will only deliver the number of box cycles you indicate and pay for at the point of purchase.

  • Michelle Anneliese

    This is a great idea for a sub box. Making a game out of it is a super fun idea!

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      I completely agree. And you can tell they put in the time to ensure it’s a seamless and fun game!

  • Nancy Basile

    This would make a great gift for my husband. And I would get to solve it with him!

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      The gift that keeps on giving, right?!

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