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We’ve made it to part three of  Cratejoy and myself celebrating all things fandom this summer! In part 1 we checked out Harry Potty goodies in the Accio box. In part 2 we traveled through the looking glass with Alice in Wonderland from Nerd Post. Today we’re celebrating board games with UnboxBoardom.

Get your dice, cards, and strategy ready!

UnboxBoardom Monthly Subscription Box

Cratejoy describes this box as:

UnboxBoardom is a subscription board game service to get brand-new games delivered right to your door! You can select from featured monthly games or just be surprised! Games range from family games to strategy games to party games! For every 10 new subscribers that sign up we will donate a game to kids who can’t afford their own.

  • New games delivered right to you to keep!
  • Customize how often you want to receive games!
  • Choose your own games or trust the experts!
  • Impress your friends and family at the next game night!
  • Discover the hottest games in the market!

Other reviews have rated the box an overall 5/5. UnboxBoardom costs $33.99 every 3 months. When signing up you choose whether you’re a board game beginner, casual gamer, or gaming guru.

Box Contents

board game Kanagawa
board game Captain Silver

Before even receiving my UnboxBoardom box, I first received an email allowing me to choose the game I wanted to get this month. It included 3 options with photos, a description, and basic playing information about each game.

Like the other Cratejoy boxes I’ve received, this one arrived in the mail very well packed to ensure the contents were not damaged in transit.

Within the box I found my chosen board game for the month, Apotheca.

Apothica board game description

Apotheca is sold on Amazon for $40, so I definitely feel like the cost of the monthly subscription box was worth it. My favorite parts about this tri-monthly box are that 1. You choose what level of gamer you are 2. You are given the option of which game you want each month.

I enjoyed vetting this month’s 3 game options to finally settle on my choice of Apotheca. As a gamer, I always look to reviews before purchasing a game (if I can’t playtest first) so I appreciated the ability to do so in this instance too.

opening UnboxBoardom

I won’t be writing up a full review for the board game I received but I did enjoy playing it with my husband. Apotheca is a fast play and is perfect for “game night dessert” or a quickie before dinner.

The game also has a number of play variations to keep things fresh and fun.

I also really enjoyed the artwork of the game. Artwork is something that can be the ‘cherry on top’ of board game play for me and this game was no different. In fact, it was one of the tipping points in my decision process.

board game Apothica

As someone who loves to game, this subscription box is a great way to discover new games and grow my collection. It truly is one of my favorites thus far!

Has UnboxBoardom got you as excited as it has me?
What’s your favorite board game or type of board game to play?
Let’s chat in the comments below!

Be sure to stayed tuned for the last article in this series and don’t forget to go browse around Cratejoy’s site; there are so many fun fandom boxes!


Disclosure: This post contains items received in exchange for a review. All opinions are based in honesty on my personal experience.

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