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**Now updated with 28 ideas!!**

Time for part 2 in my Valentine’s Day themed series: Nerdy Date Ideas. Do you want to spend time with that special geeky love in your life, but are drawing a blank on the perfect date idea? Read on to fill up your arsenal and gain the inspiration needed to plan out the perfect day or evening!

1. Visit a local museum.
If you’re lucky, your city or town will have a couple options nearby. My husband and I have spent hours at the Science Museum of Minnesota learning, exploring, and geeking out. To find a museum near you, simple search on Google for “museums near me.” You’d may just be surprised what kind of museums are in driving distance of your house!

2. Plug in and log some quality video game time.
Grab your player 2 and do an online raid together, complete a quest as a team, or kick butt at a co-op campaign with one another (how about World of Warcraft, Halo, or Borderlands?)….or spark a little competition by going head to head in a racing challenge or fight battle (give Mario Kart or Mortal Combat a try). For something different pick up a new game (Redbox, Pawn shop, etc,) that neither of you have played before.

3. Pick up a geeky cookbook and bake up a nerdy dish from your favorite fandom together.
Whether you want to enjoy all the Hobbit meals in a day or are just looking for a fictional snack, pick your favorite fandom and hit the kitchen together. To make things even more interesting, try having a cook off, pick a recipe and have your partner guess which fandom it’s from, or cook Iron Chef style (pick an ingredient and each person has to come up with fictional dish that’s made from it).
Lego blocks
4. Build with Lego bricks.
You know you’ve got a big bin of Lego bricks stashed somewhere….bust them out so the two of you can build your favorite fandom character (How about R2D2, Totoro, or Yoshi?). For a next level nerd project, the two of you could build your own fantasy world together out of bricks. For inspiration, check out Brick Nerd. If creativity isn’t your strong suit, pick up a set to build together; Lego sets make great display pieces!

5. Cuddle up and binge watch your guys’ favorite show, or marathon your favorite film series.
Supernatural, Fate Zero, Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings anyone?! Bonus points if you and your date enjoy some geek treats cooked up from suggestion 3 while watching.

6. Get crafty (maybe with cosplay?).
My boyfriend and I enjoy working on nerdy home decor projects together. It’s a great way to engage, plus you have something fun to display at the end. Check out my DIY Projects category for ideas. Another option is to work on your current cosplay costumes (remember, you’re trying not to wait until 2 days before the convention to finish this year 😉 ).

7. Read and sip together.
Brew up your guys’ favorite warm beverage (tea, coffee, hot chocolate) and simultaneously read the same book or comic. After each chapter or comic issue, discuss, reflect, and predict with each other regarding what you’ve read thus far. For a twist, have one person read aloud to the other person instead.

sipping tea and reading comic books
8. Zombie apocalypse prep.
Plan out your zombie apocalypse survival strategy together. To take it to the next level, you could even prep your bug out bags.

9. Themed fan art.
Are you and your significant other artistically inclined? Throw out a theme, character, or fandom and have each of you draw or paint out a piece of fan art. Compare when done, then frame the pieces for the wall.

10. Play a board game.
Pull out one of your favorites at home or check locally. Many libraries and comic shops have free board game libraries available for people to play and test with. Last year my boyfriend and I tried out new games at one of our local comic shops for Valentine’s Day. For good 2 player games I would recommend Mr. JackTicket to Ride: Nordic Countries, or Jaipur. Check out my list of great 2 player board games for even more options.

Pandemic board game
11. Nerf war.
Don’t need to say much here…grab a couple of guns and chase each other around the house and yard. For added fun, build forts out of the house furniture for cover. Want to up the ante? Go paint balling instead.

12. Fandom photo montage.
Gather up your nerdy accessories and props. Travel around town taking fun geek photos, then put them together to create a computer screen saver or coffee table scrapbook.

13. Count the stars in the sky.
Grab a blanket and find a quiet, grassy hilltop to cuddle up on. Star gaze and show off your nerd knowledge by naming star constellations. Bonus points if you turn it into a late night picnic too. If you can’t escape the city, then visit a local planetarium to learn about new constellations to find the next time you both have a chance to stargaze.

zodiac star constellations
14. Hit up the arcade.
Pilfer your pockets and check under the couch cushions in search of quarters, then head out to your favorite arcade spot. Challenge each other to see who can get a higher score or find a side scrolling classic to beat together. Bonus points if one of you can beat a high score!

15. Create a comic or short story together.
Put your nerd noggins together and draw your own comic or write a short piece of fantasy fiction. For a fun twist, make yourselves the main characters.

16. Write a nerdy song parody.
Pick a song you guys enjoy and rewrite spoof lyrics. Bonus points if you record it. Next level nerd if you create a music video.

17. Go on an adventure.
Get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Explore a park and pretend your traversing Middle Earth as you complete your quest to destroy the One Ring…or pretend you two are discovering the forests of Endor. Engage in nerdy conversations or debate… is the cake really a lie? What’s the best super power?

18. Trivia night.
Hit up a local bar or restaurant chain (like Buffalo Wild Wings) and kick-butt together at trivia quiz night.

19. Attend a convention.
Conventions (whether they’re gaming, comic, anime, or technology related) are chock full of activities. Hit up the artisan alley or check out panels together. Search UpcomingCons for ones near you.

Berserkon convention pass
20. Nerdy Day Trip.
If you’re lucky, there are fun geeky spots near you to check out. Examples may include film sets, historically haunted places, or a nerdy theme park. Hit up Google to search for options around you.

21. Scavenger hunt.
Write out a bunch of clues for your loved one to follow. The clues can lead your partner around the house, around town, or even utilize the internet. Have a gift (or your self) waiting at the end. Bonus points if your clues or hiding spots are nerd themed -Dr. Who riddle, clue written in Klingon, clue hidden in the pages of their favorite book, etc.

22. Choreograph a battle.
Grab your lightsabers or swords and choreograph an epic fight scene on your front lawn.

foam swords
23. Compile a geek playlist.
Whether you enjoy epic film scores or melodies from your favorite video games, put together a playlist for you next road trip or game session.

24. Check out a zoo, aquarium, or botanical garden.
Brush up on your flora and fauna and test your date on fun facts. Find one using the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

25. Renaissance Fair.
Don your medieval wear and attend the nearest faire as a Lord and Lady. Find one at renfaire.com.

Renaissance festival ticket and dragon purse

26. See if you can escape!
Escape rooms have grown in popularity lately, and for good reason. They are so much fun! Escape rooms have become a favorite date activity for my husband and I. Test your puzzle and deduction skills together to beat the clock to escape. Are the two of you up to the challenge?

27. Give LARPing a try.
If you’ve never giving LARPing a try, then you have no idea what you could be missing out on. Find LARP opportunities near you and give fantasy role playing a chance in real life.

28. Go out walking.
While a walk on its own can be a relaxing date, give it a geek twist by playing Pokemon Go together or give geocaching a try. Both these activities are better with a partner and can give you a chance to explore new sections of town.

What do you guys think? Any of these sound fun? What ideas have I missed?

Also, be sure to stay tuned for part 3; DIY Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards.



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  • Jessica

    These are great ideas! Number 5 is an every-night occurrence for us. I have never heard of Nerdy Day Trips. There are some cool places on there. We are already planning a date to the Seattle Pinball Museum.

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      Thanks Jessica! Haha, yeah 5 occurs here probably more than it should 😉
      Neat -you live in the Seattle area? I’ve seen some pretty cool nerdy spots in that location.

      • Jessica

        Yeah, I’ve been to the Science Fiction Museum and it is amazing! They have so many movie props and the stake from Buffy the Vampire Slayer 🙂 As well as the Experience Music Project. We just discovered there’s a secret, literally underground, library near my bus stop coming home from work and we’re going to check that out next.

  • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

    A secret underground library?! That’s so cool!

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