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My goal this week was to whip up another recipe for you guys. That was until I ran across something that got me so excited I had to share it…I promise I’ll get a new [actual] recipe up next time I post something edible related.

For those who don’t know, I’m a big fan of loose leaf tea. I don’t drink coffee, so when I want a specialty drink, or something warm, I turn to tea. One tea company I’m quite fond of it Adagio Teas. In the past, I’ve signed up for their monthly tea club to keep a variety of teas automatically coming my way each month for continued enjoyment.

Supernatural loose leaf tea
Legend of Zelda Breathe of the Wild tea tin set

Since I’ve been doing the automatic monthly clubs I [somehow!] failed to notice the coolest section of their site…Until this past Sunday that is! They have a whole area of their website dedicated to fandom based tea blends that are actually custom blends created by fans themselves.

There are so many different fandoms to shop from! If you’re looking for something specific, I’d highly recommend using the search feature since you could scroll for a very long time on the original feed and the navigation categories on the right don’t show everything (e.g. I was unable to find Studio Ghibli themed tea under the categories but a quick search brought up 3 different collections)

Pokemon tea tin collection

Not only are the tea blends carefully crafted, but most of the tea tin artwork itself is just gorgeous! Just take a look at the Plumb Bomb tea below from a Kingkiller Chronicle themed set. Love it! In fact, some of the tea collections are available for sale as magnetic shadow box collections. You can thoroughly enjoy your tea by not only drinking it, but by putting it on display too.

Further more, there’s a section of ChariTEAS. Pick your favorite non-profit and a portion of your sale will be donated to the charity. For example, make a purchase of the Stranger Things Dustin blend and part of the sale will go towards the St. Jude’s Hospital.

Kingkiller Chronicles plum bomb loose leaf tea

To paraphrase one of the reviews left on The Family Business Supernatural tea, if you’ve been searching for a tea to express your feelings for the fandom, then this is it! Heck, there’s even a collection of tea blends labelled as the Cosplay Survival Kit. This collection includes a “selection of soothing blends to calm frayed nerves from sewing setbacks, along with energizing teas to help you pull those all-nighters just before the con.” There’s even one for con crud (pssst…which, you can avoid if you take proper precautions).

Lord of the Rings tea tin display
Doctor Who tea tin shadow box

Aside from its warmth and comfort, one of my favorite things about tea is that it’s the perfect compliment to so many of my favorite hobbies! Whether I’m reading a book, watching my show, playing a computer game, or enjoying a board game -having a cup of tea just enhances the activity in a wonderful and soothing way.

I do want to note this is not a sponsored post. I’m personally a big fan of Adagio and their quality ingredients. My teas have always arrived packaged nicely and they keep well. Adding a level of geekiness is just the cherry on top!

Which fandom have you always wanted a complimenting tea for? Let me know in the comments below.

Star Wars tea collection
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  • Mariah Kaercher

    I wish I drank more tea!!

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      No better time to start than now! 😉 I like to tell people that tea is similar to beer. It’s somewhat of an acquired taste, but there are also many varieties and each has it’s own flavor profile. Even if you’ve tried one…or five…there are other blends and varieties to test.

  • Cate

    This is such an awesome idea, I’m a big fan of teas and all things nerdy so it’s the prefect blend haha! xoxo


    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      It is! Since last weekend, I’ve been contemplating what geeky blend I would make if I were to make my own.

  • Julie Pospeck

    Fantastic.My boss loves tea and adores Star Wars,so appreciate the bday gift idea.I like that some of the teas have high caffeine and others none to small amounts,so was able to purcharse a variety.

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      That’s awesome. So glad I could spark an idea for you.

  • Aeryn Lynne

    Supernatural tea sounds pretty epic! I prefer loose-leaf kinds of teas when that’s the kind of drink I’m looking for, so will absolutely have to look this up. 🙂

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      In opinion, loose leaf is is levels above bagged tea.

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