Geeky Love Quote Collage Tutorial

My fiancé and I are celebrating two years together this week. To commemorate the occasion, I wanted a simple but effective way of reminding him how much I love him. Since we’re both big [...]

Nerdy Scavenger Hunt: Unexpected Birthday Adventure + Surprise Ending

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Ultimate Geek Guide to Nerdy Wedding Rings

Today’s post is branching out to a topic that’s slightly offbeat for The Nifty Nerd; solely for the reason that I thought it’d be a fun one…and it was indeed a fun one to [...]


Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards: DIY Printables

Only 1.5 weeks left until Valentine’s Day. Today I’ve got some fun fandom valentines to wrap up my three part series! Forget the store bought boxed valentines and hand out these ones [...]


25 Great Nerdy Date Ideas

Time for part 2 in my Valentine’s Day themed series: Nerdy Date Ideas. Do you want to spend time with that special geeky love in your life, but are drawing a blank on the perfect date idea? [...]