Magical Items I’d Love to Own: Five Fandom Friday

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Happy Friday everyone! This week’s Five Fandom Friday theme is ‘Magical Items I Would Love to Own.’ Being the nerd I am, this is going to be difficult to narrow all the options down to only five…nevertheless, here we go!

1. A magic wand.

I think this one is pretty self explanatory, and an item most would include on their lists. I wish I could give you specifics on my wand (e.g. 11 1/2 inches with a core of a phoenix feather), but remember?….the wand chooses šŸ˜‰ Just think of all the possibilities and practicalities of owning a wand though?! For my first spell, I think I’ll be recreating Hermione’s bag -an endless pit to store anything and everything, all packed perfectly for travel!
2. A Pokeball.
Yep, when I was young I had a dream to be the very best, like no one ever was. On my Pokemon Yellow version I had a dream team made up of Pikachu, Butterfree, Dugtrio, Alakazam, Gyarados, and a rotating spot.

3. Dragon eggs.
I’m not sure if an actual dragon counts as an “item,” so we’ll start with the eggs and hatch them from there. Dragons are one of my favorite mythical creatures; they’re so BA….strong, powerful, cunning….perhaps a slight issue with greed. From Smaug, to Dracarys, to Toothless, they’re all awesome!

4. Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

A super fast and stealthy mode of transportation full of fun goodies and equipment? Why the heck not?!

5. Lord of the Rings…

This is my cheat number. For those of you who know me, you know Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite fandoms…I can’t just limit this section to one, or even two items. No, I’m not saying I want any of the rings of power; I don’t need the temptation ;-), I’m just saying there are many awesome options!
-Mithril mail: supple as linen, light as a feather, and as hard as a dragon’s scales.
-Elven cloak: the ultimate in camouflage, short of being invisible. It’s super light-weight to the wearer and is warm enough or cold enough as needed!
-Sting: an elegant and extremely sharp Elven blade that warns of nearby enemies.
Your turn Nifty Knights! If you could own one (or five) magical items, what would they be?! Let me know in the comments below.



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  • Ravanel Griffon

    Ohhh, Elven cloak! That would certainly be something I’d love to have, too. Or anything that gives me exactly the right temperature at all times *and* manages to look good with anything, for that matter. I get cold so easily.

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      Yes! Stylish and warm…cause I’m literally freezing all the time.

  • Alice

    Dragon eggs, good choice!

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      That’s what I thought Alice šŸ˜‰

  • Reply

    Love the idea of Dragon eggs!!

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      Thank you Mallory -think of the fun once they hatch!

  • Sadie (by Design)

    You’re right! Magical Item Twinzies!! I love the invisible jet. That’s a great choice. Did you see the Smithsonian’s April Fool’s Day joke about that?

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      I did see that! How clever and funny šŸ™‚

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