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Do you have a child who’s a fan of Superman or Wonder Woman? How about the Hulk or Ironman? Whether they love a single superhero or the entire Justice League or Avengers team, help them suit-up for the school year with superhero school supplies. Embrace the action-packed designs and give your youngster a little comic book flair in the hallway.



A sturdy and stylish backpack is one of the top items every kid needs to start the school year off right. Get them ready to save the day with a bag that can hold of their essential school tools.

View all superhero backpacks

Lunch Boxes

All superheros need to fuel up to keep their concentration sharp and their energy levels charged. Pack their favorite foods in a superhero lunch box.

View all lunch boxes and bags

Pencil Cases

If your superhero-in-training is anything like mine, then you’re use to loose pencils that get lost and/or broken. New plan this year: a fun Avengers themed pencil case that’ll actually get used. Another pencil…or 10….saved!

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A superhero isn’t a superhero without their costume. Get yours suited up with their favorite heroes. Pick one or let them be the entire Justice League all week long.

See more superhero shirts

Misc. School Supplies

All the essentials to fill up the backpack; notebooks, folders, readers and more.

View more school supplies, including a Marvel Avengers back to school supplies bundle.

Home Assistance

A superhero’s job is never done! Whether it’s home storage or a homework space ready for action, ensure the home base is setup as HQ central.

View more lamp options

Just For Fun

All superheros need time to recharge. Give them the ability to be creative and learn through play.

Did I miss something on this list that would make a great back to school item?

Are you team DC, team Marvel, or both? Let me know in the comments below.

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Superhero school supplies
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    These are all fantastic! Almost makes me want a kiddo, just so I can send them off to school with all this fun stuff=P

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      Heck, I’ve got 2 stepsons and I’ve even considered grabbing some of this, like one of the backpacks, for myself 😉

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