Legend of Zelda: Link’s Shield Tutorial -Cosplay on a Budget

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Link, from The Legend of Zelda, is a well known and loved character. As such, he’s a popular choice for many doing cosplay costuming. Today I will share a tutorial on how to create Link’s shield on a budget. This easy cosplay tutorial costs less than $10 to make!

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  • 2 sheets of foam core poster board
  • Red, yellow, and silver sheets of poster board or craft foam (craft foam is recommended for a 3D effect)
  • Blue and silver paint
  • Wooden disks (roughly quarter sized)
  • Scrap clothe or leather (to be used on the back side of the shield for arm loops)
  • Glue (hot glue is a good option)
  • X-acto knife

My apologies now for the lack of in progress photos. This project was such a quick and easy put-together that I mostly forgot about them :).

how to bend foam-core posterboard


  1. Bend your 2 sheets of foam core poster board- Take a damp rag and wet both sides of each poster. Prop the edges up (I used stacks of books), then add weight to the center of each board. Let them dry in this curved position.
  2. While your poster boards dry, draw a scaled image of Link’s shield (or find one online and print it to the size you want).cutting out Link's shield details from posterboard
  3. Once your boards are dry, trace the outline of the shield onto one, and the shield’s border onto the second. Cut out both.
  4. Paint the shield outline blue and the shield border silver. Once dry, glue them together.
  5. Cut out the shield’s symbols from your poster board or foam and glue into place.arm straps for Link's shield
  6. Paint your wooden disks silver, then glue to the shield outline; these are to simulate metal rivets.
  7. Cut 2 strips of fabric and glue to the back of your shield -be sure they are wide enough for your arm to slide through.
  8. Grab your bag of rupees, pair up with Navi, and head off to Hyrule!

cosplay Link shield

cosplay Link and Navi

Questions about this tutorial, or want to request another tutorial? Leave me a comment below!




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