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Throughout video games, anime, TV, and more, there are numerous characters who sport no eyebrows. Just because you want to cosplay as one of these characters, doesn’t mean you have to shave your own eyebrows off for accuracy.

In fact, there’s a very simple way to mask your own brows so that they’re hidden or “non-existent.”


  • Washable school glue stick (purple)
  • Eyebrow spoolie
purple washable school glue stick

First, please be sure you’re using a washable glue stick. Anything else and you’ll likely have a bad time when it comes time to remove it. I prefer the purple variety because it’s easy to tell once it’s dried. This is what we used on Halloween for my husband’s Jack the Killer costume.

Heavily apply the glue to all over your eyebrow -like rub it back and forth, in all directions. Use the eyebrow spoolie to help work the glue into all your hairs. Start by brushing your hair down, then up and out. Remember, you’re not shaping your brow, but trying to get it flat and smooth.

With your fingertip covered in a bit of glue, smear it across your brow to further flatten and smooth it up and outwards.

eyebrow spoolie

Allow the glue to dry. This will take about 5 minutes. Use a hair dryer to speed the process up if you wish. After the first coat has dried, apply a second coat with the glue stick, moving in an up and outward direction. Finally, smooth with your finger one last time.

It’s that simple! You’re ready to go with the rest of your makeup, whether that’s simple foundation, face paint, or another special effect like liquid latex.

Whether you want to be Gaara from Naruto, Abenthy from the King Killer Chronicles, or Guile from Street Fighter, you don’t have to sacrifice your real eyebrows. When it comes time to return to yourself, wash with soap and water!

Gaara from Naruto
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  • Pepi

    I had no idea how to do that! Thanks! I’ll try to remember it when I cosplay some day 🙂

  • Ravanel Griffon

    Really cool to know. I had no idea how this is done! 🙂

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