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Every winter I enjoy creating a new paper snowflake pattern. There’s something about the craft project that’s so simple, yet so elegant and relaxing. Plus, I love looking at my growing collection of geeky snowflakes that I like to hang on my cubicle walls each winter.

This year I’ve decided on a Hayao Miyazaki themed snowflake, and more specifically, a My Neighbor Totoro one. This was the first Miyazaki animation I ever saw. I use to rent it all the time when I was little from Blockbuster (anyone else miss the Blockbuster experience? Haha). This snowflake almost seems like a good little tribute to the classic animation!

totoro snowflake paper pattern
folder a paper snowflake


1. Print the PDF paper template and cut out the square pattern.

2. Fold the squire sheet in half, diagonally. Fold the resulting triangle in half twice.

3. Use scissors and an X-acto blade to cut out all the grey and black areas, leaving on the white sections.

4. Unfold, hang up using double-sided tape, and enjoy!

Totoro snowflake template
cutting out a paper snowflake


  • Resist the urge to unfold your snowflake until you’re completely done cutting. This will result in the crispest line cuts.
  • Cut the exterior sections that are easily reachable with a pair of scissors first. Finish with the interior sections.
  • When cutting the interior sections with an X-acto blade, I normally score my cut twice. This is enough to cut through half of the layers and still leave a “tracing pattern” on the second half. I then unfold my snowflake once and do a double score on my “tracing pattern” to cut the remaining interior sections out.
Miyazaki My Neighbor Totoro snowflake

Can you spot all the elements within the snowflake? I spy Totoro, Cat bus, an acorn, a soot sprite, an umbrella, a leaf, and chibi totoro.

Do you enjoy cutting out paper snowflakes? Want to request a specific fandom for my next snowflake pattern? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Julie

    Fantastic.I love your snowflake!

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      Thank you!

  • Pepi

    OMG! Cuteness overload! I’m so trying this! Totoro is my favorite Miyazaki movie! I’m going to the cinema this Sunday to see it again! I can’t wait! (The local cinemas have this vintage nights and they show all types of movies 😉 )

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      Totoro will always be a classic favorite of mine. Oh, that’s so cool! Enjoy the showing.

  • Mija

    Oh …. I adore this!!! My daughter’s room is totor themed and this would be so cool to do as a christmas activity! (She is only 2 so I would do it for her of course! XD)

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      I bet her room is just adorable!!

  • coby

    yall, how do you cut out the eyes and other spaces so smoothly?

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      I fine pointed, X-acto blade (make sure it’s sharp!) and patience 🙂
      I generally save the smaller/finer details until last. I will cut through a couple paper layers at a time, then partially unfold the snowflake to cut through the rest of the layers.

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