Everyday Cosplay: Mikasa Ackerman -Attack on Titan

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I’ve recently been hooked on watching the anime, Attack on Titan. While I have not quite finished the first season yet, I’m already excited for Season 2 which has been confirmed for 2016 (yeah, a bit of a wait unfortunately)! One character that stood out from the start was Mikasa Ackerman. She appears strong and intelligent but does seem somewhat emotionally jaded. Being still a bit mysterious, despite what’s been revealed thus far, I do believe there is more to her development and storyline yet. With that being said, her Scout Regiment uniform translates well into an everyday geek chic fashion statement…


Mikasa Ackerman Everyday Cosplay (Attack on Titan)




This outfit can be recreated for less than $600…or less than $200 factoring out the jacket! My best advice would be to shop around for a jacket and wait for off season to find a great deal on one! What’s great about this outfit is that each piece is essentially a fashion staple. They can be worn for different occasions and can be paired with many different other fashion pieces!

Who’s outfit would you like to see translated into everyday wear next? Let me know in the comments below!




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