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Let’s face it, many of our favorite nerdy activities are sedentary in nature. We enjoy video games, reading, board games, programming, tabletop & role-playing games, as well as nerdy TV shows and geeky marathons. All of these activities are generally done sitting down. Keeping that in mind, it’s important that we take steps to keep, not just our minds in shape, but our bodies as well. To help with this endeavor I’ve put together a simple and fun workout you can do while watching primetime TV’s favorite nerds from The Big Bang Theory!

Season 8 of The Big Bang Theory started less than 2 weeks ago. Tune in Monday nights on CBS for new episodes, catch up with a marathon, or enjoy reruns throughout the entire week on both TBS and FOX; in other words, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the show plus get in a workout!
Now it’s time to grab your water and change into some comfy workout clothes…The Big Bang Theory Workout Routine

  • Theme song: Do jumping jacks
  • Commercial breaks: Jog in place
  • Whenever someone knocks on a door (x3 if it’s Sheldon): 10 crunches
  • Whenever Penny has a glass of wine (or other alcoholic drink): 20 knee highs
  • Bazinga!: 10 squats
  • Anyone references Wolowitz not having a doctorate (or someone having inferior education/knowledge): 15 calf raises
  • The gang gets takeout food: 15 mountain climbers
  • Raj stops talking in the presence of a female: 10 push-ups
  • Sheldon states a fact (including -‘He’s not crazy…’): 10 skater lunges
  • “Soft Kitty” is sung: Hold plank position for duration of song
  • Penny doesn’t understand something: 5 burpees

Bonus Moves

  • Whenever Howard and his mother yell at each other: 10 triceps dips
  • Every time Amy makes someone uncomfortable: 5 supermans


Here’s a link to a printable version of The Big Bang Theory workout, as well as instructions and tips for performing the various workout moves. Remember to stay hydrated when working out.
As a side note, this is not meant to be a serious workout routine, but rather a fun bit of exercise while you enjoy the show. If you really want to lose weight, set up a steady workout routine and combine it with a healthy diet. If any exercise hurts, please discontinue to prevent injury.Who’s your favorite nerd from the show? Which episode is your favorite (no spoilers please 😉 )?
Want to see workout routines for some of your other favorite shows and movies? Make a request (I plan on making this a continual series)!



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