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If you’re planning a Mario-themed party, then you’ve come to the right place for inspiration for all your party needs! From invitations and food, to decorations and activities, I’ve gathered up a whole host of ideas to help you throw a fantastic event.

The below list includes ideas you can make yourself at home and ideas you can buy. If you love to bake, then focus on a super cake and buy the rest of the items for the party! Baking not your forte? Feel free to hand craft the decorations while outsourcing the baking to an expert! However, if you’re too busy and simply need to buy everything, then no judgement either!

Keep reading to 1UP your Mario party with more than 50 ideas.

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Step one? Make sure people know about your event. Give them the who, what, where, and when in a fun way that sets the themed for your Mario event!

There are a lot of great invitation options available to buy. If you want an added bit of whimsy and personalization, then check out the DIY invite options.


Nothing says party like themed decor. Turn your space into a colorful Super Mario world and bring Mario and his friends to life right in your own home.

If you want simple, be sure to check out the party kits that are readily available for a Super Mario themed party. They offer decoration kits, that include balloons, a Happy Birthday sign, hanging character swirls, table decor, and photo booth backdrops. They also have tableware kits that include table clothes, cups, plates, and napkins. Or you can opt to go all out and get the 197 piece ultimate Mario party kit that includes all of the above, plus more! Feel free to check out all the various kits they have available to find the one that suits what you need!

If you have time on your hands, get crafty and check out some of the ideas for making your own decorations including boos from paper lanterns, tissue box ? blocks, and more.

The Cake

No children’s birthday party would be complete without the ‘Happy Birthday’ song and the blowing out of the candles. Give those candles a fun place to sit. Whether you bake your own cake or take a below photo to a local bakery for inspiration, make sure you party has the perfect sweet treat!

Food & Snacks

So you’ve got cake, but maybe you want to also offer some more wholesome, less pure-sugar options? There are a ton of fun options for Mario themed foods. Be sure to print off a few cute display cards to accompany your tasty buffet.

Who’s excited to party plan?!

Do you have a favorite idea? Want helping planning another themed party?

Let me know by dropping a comment below!

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