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1Up Box is a monthly subscription box that caters to gamers and geeks. Each month’s box has a different theme, has a value of $40+, includes 6-8 geeky items, and includes an exclusive t-shirt.

The Unboxing

1Up Box RPGI received May’s 1Up Box for review. This month’s theme was RPG. Based on the paper insert, my box came with 5 official items
1. A Sylvanas Funko POP! figure (1 of 3 possible WoW figures -the other two are Arthas or Murloc)
2. Silver, metal viking head pin
3. 3D, holographic Vault bookmark from Fallout
4. Assassin emoji sticker set
5. 1Up Buddies shirt: The Furry Assassins
The box also includes a pinback button featuring the subscription month and its theme.

1Up Box ReviewOpened 1Up Box

The Review

First off, the packaging:
All the contents of the 1Up Box came in a cardboard box that is pretty standard for monthly subscription boxes. My one concern with the packaging was that only 1 piece of tape secured the front edge of the box. Given the folding construction of the box, it was clearly evident someone could have removed items from the box without breaking the seal. I notified the company of this and they plan to better secure future boxes.
1Up Box Unboxing
Next, the value:
I feel like this box is definitely worth what you pay for it. Is it worth $40 like they claim on their site? To me, it doesn’t quite feel that high, but you definitely get your money’s worth.The viking pin is not plastic and the clasp seems quite sturdy. I’ll definitely be sticking this on my backpack with my other pins.
The Funko Pop! is a fun inclusion, even though I don’t collect them (*gasp -I know right?! -the woes of living in a small apartment and not having enough room for such things). My fiance is a big WoW fan, so he was excited by it too. In fact, I think he’s already claimed it for his desk.
I also really like the quality of the shirt. A worry I have with many shirts is that they are short. One wash and my belly button is showing. Not so with this one! The length is excellent, the screen print seems solid and the cotton material is super soft. As you can see, I’ve already been enjoying wearing it.

1Up Box Assassins T-shirt

T-shirt 1Up Box

It does appear like they are switching from fully fandom based shirts to their new shirt line -1Up Buddies (based on an insert in the box). Future box recipients can expect to see the buddies (the fox and panda) dressed up as characters from video games, movies, and anime. While I love pandas and think the characters are fun and cute, I would personally prefer a straight up geeky shirt without them on it. True fans of the characters though will love getting a new themed shirt featuring them every month.

Same sentiment holds true for the pinback button. From a collectors standpoint of 1Up Box items, it’s perfect -you’ve got a dated, themed button featuring a cute character. From my perspective, I’d rather have a nerdy pin to display instead. That being said, this month’s pin has an awesome panda, so it will be joining my other backpack pins.

 Overall I really enjoyed getting the 1Up Box -who doesn’t like getting fun mail that has surprise content inside?! Would I pay to get the box? Yes -I thought the shirt and Funko POP! figure made the box worth it.

Want to get in on the epic content from 1Up Box? Use the coupon code “NIFTYNERD” to automatically get $3 off your first box. June’s theme is Survival!
A 1-month subscription is $12.92 per month + $7 shipping & handing. You receive a discount for purchasing more months at one time.

Disclosure: I received a free 1Up Box in exchange for reviewing it. All opinions are my own and are honest.





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  • Reply

    Looks like a cool box, I’m kinda with you on that it doesn’t quite seem like it’s worth $40 though.

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      Yeah, not quite $40, but I feel it’s definitely worth what it costs 🙂

  • Mariah Kaercher

    I think that t-shirt is from Teeturtle.com? If it is, you should check out that site! They have really good quality clothing. I have a sweatshirt from there that I’m still wearing and it’s so comfy.

    • Jessica (aka The Nifty Nerd)

      Thanks Mariah. I’ll give them a look! Love how soft the t-shirt is that I received.

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