Dr. Who TARDIS and Dalek Cabinet Knobs

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If your kitchen is similar to mine, then it’s mostly comprised of windows, cabinets, and doorways. In other words, not a lot of space to decorate. One thing that’s super easy to switch out to give unique personality to your kitchen are the cabinet door knobs. Keep reading to discover how to craft your own Dr. Who cabinet knobs.

These knobs can even be used to replaced dresser drawer knobs in your bedroom!

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  1. Dr. Who silicone ice cube tray
  2. Casting resin
  3. Mold putty
  4. Metallic spray paint, acrylic paints and paint brushes, or resin pigment
  5. (Optional but recommended) Pledge Floor Gloss
  6. Nuts and screws (length should be approximately the thickness of your cabinet door or dresser drawer plus 1/2 inch)
  7. Oven bake clay
  8. E6000 glue
Amazing casting resin
resin casting a TARDIS


1. Use the mold putty to role out a thick cylinder. You will use this to create a space in the back of the TARDIS or Dalek to give the screw space to thread into the knob.

2. Follow the directions on the casting resin box and poor the mixture into the silicone mold (if you’re using resin pigment, be sure to mix that in before adding the resin to the mold). Hold the mold putty cylinder in place (in the middle of the mold, approximately halfway down in depth) until the resin starts to turn cloudy and set. Allow the resin to finish setting and remove from the silicone mold while it’s still slightly warm.

resis TARDIS with hole for screw
spacer with nut on backside of TARDIS knob

3. Use your clay to mold a square spacer with a cylinder of clay. This piece will go into the space left by the mold putty cylinder. The square spacer is meant to create a small gap between the cabinet door which makes it easier to grasp and pull open.

With the clay piece in place, smoosh a nut down into the square spacer. Adjust the clay’s shape as needed. Then thread your screw through the nut and down into the center of TARDIS or Dalek piece. Unfortunately I forgot to take better pictures during this step, so I created a diagram to hopefully assist. Please drop a comment below if any questions arise.

4. Follow the clay directions to bake the piece with the nut in place (take the screw out and remove the clay piece from the resin part). It will hold its shape while being baked so that it’ll still fit the resin piece, and the screw will still be able to smoothly screw in.

Assembly diagram of TARDIS knob

5. Once the clay piece bakes and cools, use E6000 glue to adhere it to your resin piece. Use a layer of glue along the outline of the nut to better secure it in place too.

6. If you didn’t use resin pigment, then use spray paint or acrylic paint to color your TARDIS¬† or Dalek as you wish.

7. Seal the paint job using Pledge Floor Gloss. (I’m sure this sounds silly, but it’s a common trick used by cosplayers and miniature painters. The Floor Gloss seals and protects the paint with a semi-gloss, clear finish.)

side view of TARDIS knob
back side of Dalek cabinet knobs

Finally, remove your old cabinet or dresser knobs and install the new ones. Then smile every morning when you grab your coffee mug out of the cupboard.

Are you looking for more ways to decorate your home with your favorite fandom? Drop a request in the comments below!

opening kitchen cabinet with TARDIS door knob
opening cabinet with Dalek cabinet knob
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